aufZAQ – Educational Quality and Competence in Youth Work

“aufZAQ” is a certification of non-formal education and training courses for people active in youth work, provided by the Austrian Federal Chancellery, the Youth Departments of the Federal States of Austria and the Youth Work Department of the Autonomous Province of Bozen/Bolzano – South Tyrol. aufZAQ has been certifying the quality of trainings since 2003 and has thus been contributing actively to the recognition of non-formal education in the field of youth work.

aufZAQ developed the Competence Framework for Children and Youth Work. This competence model shows how people act competently in their work in children and youth work. It covers both the open youth work and children and youth work in youth organisations. The Competence Framework is a translation tool from qualifications of children and youth work to the Austrian National Qualifications Framework (NQF). In turn, the NQF makes qualifications visible and comparable through the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) across Europe. In particular, the competence framework is part of the aufZAQ certification.

Download the Competence Framework here: Competence Framework (pdf)

In addition the online version of the Competence Framework is available on this website in German:

Structure of aufZAQ

The aufZAQ Advisory Board verifies the quality of submitted and certified training courses and develops the certification program. It consists of the following members:

  • 2 representatives of the Youth Departments of the Federal States of Austria (one of them acting as chairperson of the aufZAQ Advisory Board)
  • 1 representative of the Austrian Federal Chancellery
  • 1 representative of the Austrian National Youth Council
  • 1 expert in the field of youth work
  • (up to 2 additional members can be co-opted by the advisory board)

The aufZAQ Office is the information and service centre for providers of certified training courses and people/organizations who are interested in the certification program. aufZAQ shares the office with the Austrian National Youth Council.

Certification procedure

To certify a training course, the applicant submits the curriculum of the training course to the aufZAQ Office. If the submission fulfils all formal criteria, the aufZAQ Advisory Board assigns the independent group of experts to examine the quality of the training course on the basis of the submitted curriculum. If considered necessary, the group of experts can demand additional information and/or amendments of the curriculum. Based on the expert’s report, the aufZAQ Advisory Board decides about the certification of the submitted training course.

To assure continuity of quality, training providers commit themselves to sending a report to the aufZAQ Office for each conducted training cycle. In addition to that, also any kind of adaptations to the curriculum have to be reported to aufZAQ. In this case, the aufZAQ Advisory Board decides if the certification remains valid or if the provider has to apply for the certification anew.

So far, 34 different training courses have been certified.

Advantages of the aufZAQ certification

For participants of certified training courses, aufZAQ provides orientation in choosing adequate educational opportunities. The certificate ensures that participants receive practice-oriented quality training targeted at improving their skills and competences.

For providers of certified training courses, aufZAQ assures that the quality of the training course meets specified criteria, recognised by the federal youth departments.

For employers within the youth sector, aufZAQ is a guarantee that graduates of certified training courses are equipped with relevant technical and practical skills. The certificate assures high standards and offers a guarantee for the specific qualification of the employee.

For federal youth departments, aufZAQ is an effective tool for quality development of non-formal education in the field of youth work.

For more information, please contact the aufZAQ Office:

Klaus Schreiner (Management and Development)
Telephone: +43 1 214 44 99 20

Hanna Krämer-Erklavec & Marita Gasteiger (Certification and Communication)
Mobile: +43 676 880 11 10 50

Liechtensteinstraße 57/2
1090 Wien